Shoe Climax

Shoe Climax: Affordable Women's Footwear

About Shoe Climax: At Shoe Climax, we want to provide women with Sexy, Fashionable, Comfortable, and Affordable Footwear. The two owners, who happen to be first cousins grew up and was raised in Newark, NJ. They have always aspired to become business owners. However, they struggled with what exactly that business would be. The two of them would continuously discuss an array of business ventures on the many trips they often took together. Tyisha would buy so many pairs of shoes, sometimes on a weekly basis, preparing for these trips. She kept saying, “I should start my own shoe business with all the shoes I buy.” And, there was always someone either complimenting her shoes or asking where did she purchase them? So, after many conversations and ideas being thrown around, Tyisha, the fashionista, who absolutely loves fashion and shoes and Shalonda, the business specialist, who graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Strayer University decided why not open an online shoe store. Thus, Shoe Climax was formed. Both Tyisha and Shalonda continue to work full-time jobs as they certify and brand themselves and their business in this fashionable and competitive business. Now when we are asked “Where did you get those shoes?” We just say…”Step Into Your Feelings, shop Shoe Climax.”



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