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Legal Marketing for Attorneys and Law Firms

Does your law firm need a website? Do you have a website but are unsure of how to drive traffic to your page? At Market Media Grind, The Grind Team specializes in garnering top web visibility for law firms and attorneys across the nation. Whether you are new to legal marketing or you want to expand your Internet promotional efforts, we work with you directly to cultivate an individualized marketing plan designed to attract and convert new clients. We help you take advantage of all the advertising and promotional offerings available.

In the digital age, every law firm needs a website. Whether you rely on Internet marketing to convert new clients, or need a space to show off for referred clients, Market Media Grind ensures your web presence is something to be proud of. The legal field is highly respected. Your clients look to you as an expert. They trust you during the most difficult and stressful periods of their lives. Having an awe-inspiring website and aggressive Internet marketing campaign ensures you get the respect you deserve.

Why do I need an Internet marketing plan?

Legal marketing isn’t what it used to be. Billboards, TV ads, newspaper spots, and other forms of media are just not that effective anymore. Your client base is becoming more and more tech-savvy. They want detailed information — and they want it now. Here are the top three reasons you need a solid Internet marketing plan:

  1. Attract new clients. Research shows that when people need a lawyer, 30-50% of them start with a Google search. You want to be certain your firm’s website is turning up in the top search results. You want to make sure your website is visually stunning and professionally written, so once visitors arrive on your page, they pick up the phone and call.
  2. Showcase your firm to referring clients. Do most of your clients come from referrals? Many B2B, corporate, and business law firms work mostly on a referral basis. However, once someone refers a potential client to your law practice, you want to ensure that you represent yourself well online. Chances are, the potential clients will perform some background research on you by performing a few Google searches.
  3. Establish yourself as an authority. The right website will attract the right people. By offering informative content, videos, e-books, blogs, articles, press releases, and more, you set yourself up as an expert in your field.

It may seem overwhelming but that’s why our specialists take over. The Grind Team is specifically trained in best legal marketing practices. We ensure you not only maximize the tools at your disposal, we make sure you adhere to all legal and ethical standards for attorney advertising.

What does Market Media Grind do?

The Grind Team is your one-stop source for all your legal Internet marketing consulting and fulfillment needs.  In short, we do it all, including:

Custom Websites.

Present your firm as a law practice that means business. A polished and professional website turns visitors into clients. At Market Media Grind, our designers and developers creates a clean, modern site that wows visitors. We opt for easy-to-use navigation and custom designs, crafted to your particular specifications.

The Grind Team also develops fresh content for your website that showcases your skills and accomplishments. Your clients want to see what awards you have gathered, big cases you’ve won, and the ways you give back to the community. More importantly, they want to know how you can help them. Our legal copywriters know how to draft

Search engine optimization.

With the help of the The Grind Team, we can help shoot your website to the top of all the relevant search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a precise art. The rules are always changing. What helps a website rank one month might be a detriment next month. That’s why The Grind Team keeps their ears to the ground regarding the best and most current SEO practices. Let us use keywords, link building, Meta data, and more to establish your search engine rankings.


Blogging brings targeted, relevant traffic to your website, helping to keep maintain and improve your search engine rankings. Adding a blog to your website draws in visitors through “long tail keyword search terms.” This means we create content based on exactly what your potential clients are typing into the Google search bar. Thousands of visitors land up legal websites after typing in questions such as “How much will my divorce cost?” and “what should I do after a car accident?” Our bloggers use analytics data to see which blog topics drive the most traffic, and craft exciting, knowledgeable content based on those results.

Local and Legal Directory Submission.

Build your online presence and boost your website’s authority with Google by letting us submit your business to local and legal directories. Our legal marketing specialists keep in the loop on all the best directory sites out there that are worth time and effort. Sites such as,, and are specially targeted for law firms. Having paid listings on these sites allows Google to see your website as a legitimate source of content and information.

Other, more general listings sites such as Google Local, also work to maximize your online presence. Not only do they establish authority, they help local clients find you. It’s imperative to have links and content specifically targeted to potential clients in your actual geographical location.


Organic search engine optimization takes at least six months to see real results. Even with the most skilled pros on your side, your site won’t leap to the top of Google overnight. But — with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, you can ensure potential clients find your firm right away. PPC search results are “sponsored listings” on Google. They appear on the top and side of search engine results pages.

While you build your organic SEO campaign, let our experts design a solid PPC campaign which drives highly targeted traffic to your website. We help you pick the right keywords to strive for, so you know The Grind team tracks your results through analytics reports and call tracking numbers. You’ll get up-to-date info on your campaign’s ROI.

Contact The Grind Team for top legal marketing consulting

Not every marketing firm specializes in legal marketing. Market Media Grind does. We know the ins and outs of boosting your Internet presence and appeal. We know how to get you the biggest cases with the largest returns. Contact us today.

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